EI News and Notes

Toshiba Defeats Allegations of Collusion

A jury in U.S. District Court in San Francisco found for Toshiba in a civil case where the plaintiff alleged that firm had fixed prices of liquid crystal display panels. EI Principal and Board Chairman Barry C. Harris analyzed both liability and damage issues and testified in deposition for Toshiba. He considered how Toshiba’s costs, product offerings and status as a net purchaser of LCD panels affected its incentives to participate in the alleged cartel. Dr. Harris was assisted by Matthew B. Wright, Michael G. Baumann and Laura A. Malowane. Toshiba was represented by the law firm of White & Case.

Presentations on Copyright and Licensing and on the Challenges Facing the Music Business

Stephen E. Siwek recently made two presentations to a conference on “How to Make a Living From Music.” The first was on “Copyright and Licensing Structure of the Music Business.” The second was on “Global Challenges to the Music Business.” The conference, which was held in Manila, was sponsored by the World Intellectual Property Organization, the Intellectual Property Office of the Philippines, and the Ministry of Culture, Sports, and Tourism of the Republic of Korea.

EI Honored for Work in Communications Regulation and Mergers and Acquisitions

Acquisition International has named EI “Communications Regulation Firm of the Year – Washington DC.” In addition, Acquisition International presented EI with a Mergers and Acquisitions Award. That award celebrates excellence and commemorates the achievements of those involved in seeing a deal through to completion. Acquisition International is a monthly magazine published in London by AI Global Media Ltd. It describes itself as “the definitive magazine for VCs [venture capitalists], corporate finance advisers and top tier management.”