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To our readers, friends, and colleagues, I am honored and excited to share the latest edition of Economists Ink with you.

As you no doubt see, we have revived our preeminent publication with a stylistic new design and a healthy splash of color. It is an exciting change that reflects the dynamic nature of who we are today. We continue to seek new ways to connect with our clients while maintaining a consistent emphasis on generating thoughtful content from our premier analysts.

Economist Ink’s evolution is a part of other significant developments we have enjoyed since Economists Incorporated joined the Secretariat family in 2021 to become Secretariat Economists. As a combined team, we have expanded our reach globally and broadened the talent and solutions we can leverage to address challenging dispute, regulatory, and economic challenges.

In the same way this edition has a fresh design, the articles and insights included are timely. Dr. Su Sun explores a recent ruling by China’s Supreme People’s Court that indicates the potential for larger damages awards for the holders of trade secrets and other intellectual capital. Dr. Stuart Gurrea examines how plaintiffs are increasingly using statistical evidence to prove liability in a range of different cases. Additionally, Dr. Pablo Varas looks at the growing scrutiny internet service providers are likely to face as they pursue mergers and acquisitions in the future.

Our goal with Economists Ink remains the same as it was when we started the publication more than 30 years ago — provide our clients with the fresh thinking and insightful analysis that helps them understand the ever-changing world of law, economics, and public policy. We are proud to continue this tradition in this and future editions of Economists Ink. Enjoy.

Warm regards,

Dr. David Argue
Managing Director

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