Labor and Employment Economics at EI

Economists Incorporated (EI) provides expertise for addressing economic issues that arise in employment litigation. EI also provides audits of clients’ workplace and employment decisions to ensure equity and compliance with legal standards.

EI has been involved in all stages of the employment litigation process, including class certification, liability analysis, and the estimation of economic damages. We assist our clients with sworn testimony, written reports and economic analyses tailored to be easily understood by any audience, including judges, juries and regulatory agencies, such as the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission and the Office of Federal Contract Compliance Programs. EI provides rigorous statistical and economic analyses of employment decisions to help assess the risk of litigation and determine the merits of alleged wrongful acts. EI also estimates damages for use in settlement negotiations, mediation proceedings and at trial.

Many of the labor and employment matters considered by EI involve allegations of discrimination due to gender, race/ethnicity or age. The practices at issue include compensation, promotion opportunities, termination or hiring decisions and performance assessments. Our experts use the available data to study the claims of adverse treatment or impact and to address issues related to class certification, such as common proof of impact and issues relating to typicality.

Litigation related to violations of the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) and wage and hour laws at the state level has surged recently. EI economists have extensive experience in analyzing allegations related to off-the-clock work, misclassification of exempt status, missed meal or rest periods and miscalculation of the regular rate of pay.

Clients often request EI economists to audit their workforce and employment decisions. Such audits can protect clients from future litigation and increase the productivity of their existing workforce. EI economists also review compliance with the federal and state wage/hour laws. Our experts are experienced in identifying potential areas of concern and alerting clients before litigation occurs.

If you are interested in learning more about labor and employment related consulting services offered by EI, please contact Michael DuMond, Eric Mitchem, Benjamin Shippen or Wayne Strayer of our Tallahassee, FL office, Laura Malowane of our Washington, DC office or Jonathan Walker of our San Francisco, CA office.