EI News and Notes

Labor and Employment Consultant Joins EI

Royal Yu recently joined EI’s labor and employment practice in Tallahassee, FL. Mr. Yu’s experience includes matters relating to employment litigation, OFCCP audits, EEOC complaints, wage and hour claims, and routine self-monitoring. Mr. Yu also prepares statistical analyses from proprietary data of compensation practices and employment decisions including hiring, promotions, terminations, and reductions-in-force.

Publication on Applied Econometrics

EI Vice President Kevin Caves and Principal Hal Singer have published “Applied Econometrics: When Can an Omitted Variable Invalidate a Regression?” in the December 2017 issue of the ABA’s Antitrust Source. In the article, Caves and Singer explore “omitted variable bias,” a fundamental econometric concept that frequently arises when regression models are applied to assess liability and damages in antitrust litigation.

Publication on Loyalty Rebate Cases

EI Vice President Su Sun has published “Raising the Bar: How Does China’s Tetra Pak Decision Measure Up to the ECJ’s Requirements for Loyalty Rebate Cases?” (co-authored with Dr. Fei Deng) in the February 2018 issue of the ABA’s Antitrust Source. The article analyzes China’s State Administration of Industry and Commerce’s Tetra Pak decision in view of the European Court of Justice’s Intel judgment. Comparing and contrasting these two rulings on loyalty rebates, the authors conclude that although they were generally consistent in principle, the ECJ’s judgment sets a higher standard than was contained in the SAIC’s decision in its reasoning for a finding of liability.