EI News and Notes

Antitrust Fines in China

EI Vice President Su Sun has published “What Determines Antitrust Fines in China?” (co-authored with Professor Chenying Zhang of Tsinghua University Law School) in the February 2019 issue of the European Competition Law Review. Dr. Sun and Professor Zhang use regression analysis, with data through May 2018, to quantify the impact of several potential factors on non-merger antitrust fines issued in China.

American Health Lawyers Association Antitrust Toolkits for Health Care Mergers and the Pharmaceutical Industry

EI’s Michael G. Baumann, Lona Fowdur, Allison I. Holt, Gale R. Mosteller, Matthew B. Wright, and Clarissa A. Yeap authored four of the American Health Lawyers Association Antitrust Practice Group’s toolkits regarding the economics of health care mergers and the pharmaceutical industry: Economics of Hospital Mergers Involving Capacity Constraints, Economics of Cross-Market Health Care Provider Mergers, Economics of Vertical Health Care Mergers, and Economics of Pharmaceutical Reverse Payments. The toolkits provide an overview of the economic tools used to evaluate these issues, as well as provide a summary of other cutting-edge issues relevant to an examination of these issues.