EI Principal John R. Morris helps TransCanada successfully defend against price discrimination and other claims.

EI Principal John R. Morris testified at trial before the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) on behalf of TransCanada Energy Ltd.  TransCanada is a diversified energy company that sold electric energy to the California Energy Resources Scheduling (CERS) division of the California Department of Water Resources during 2001. California alleged that TransCanada exercised price discrimination against CERS, sold at excessively high prices, and seriously harmed the public interest by its sales.  Dr. Morris explained that TransCanada’s prices to CERS were similar to prices it received from others and consistent with supply and demand conditions in the Pacific Northwest in early 2001. He also showed that the amount of TransCanada sales to CERS was too small to have seriously harmed the public interest even if one accepted California claims of excessively high prices. On March 28, 2014 the Administrative Law Judge hearing the matter issued an initial decision denying the California claims. EI economists Keith Everhart, Lona Fowdur, Gale Mosteller, and Su Sun assisted Dr. Morris in his analysis.  Dr. Morris worked with attorneys at Andrews Kurth on the matter.