EI Principal Stephen E. Siwek Conducts Investigation of Copyright Protection Policies of the Nantong, China, Home Textile Markets.

In June 2008, EI Principal Stephen E. Siwek guided a comprehensive inspection of the copyright protection policies of the Nantong home textile markets.  His findings were recently incorporated in a World Intellectual Property Organization (“WIPO”) sponsored report entitled, “Study on the Impact of Enhanced Protection in the Development of the Textile Market in Nantong, China.”  This report documents the positive role that enhanced copyright protection has played in the development of the Nantong home textile markets and includes quantitative trends and case-studies that highlight the successful practices of that industry.


Mr. Siwek has been instrumental in furthering the global efforts of the WIPO to encourage other nations to measure the economic contribution of copyright-based industries in their own countries.  In this regard, Mr. Siwek has been closely associated with the development of the WIPO “Guide” for the measurement of copyright industry contributions and he has directly assisted a number of foreign governments in the preparation of their own studies.