EI Vice President Henry B. McFarland’s Article Entitled, “The European Commission Study on Quantifying Damages and Indirect Purchasers” Appears in the Most Recent Issue of The International Antitrust Bulletin.

In the article, Dr. McFarland comments on the section of the European Commission’s recent study on “Quantifying Antitrust Damages” that concerns indirect purchasers.  Dr. McFarland highlights that accurately estimating damages where indirect purchasers are involved is inherently difficult and requires exhaustive industry and consumer analysis, including a consideration of factors such as consumer response, timing of pass-through, etc.

Dr. McFarland’s work as an economic consultant has included damage analyses in several industries.  His publications have appeared in several professional journals, including Review of Economics and Statistics, Journal of Business, Journal of Development Studies, Journal of Regulatory Economics, and the Antitrust Law Journal.