Allison I. Holt


Allison I. Holt


B.A. College of William and Mary
M.A. University of Virginia
Ph.D. University of Virginia

Dr. Holt has had considerable experience applying econometric analysis to large and small databases for empirical studies.  At Secretariat Economists, she has worked on a wide variety of mergers, price fixing and class certification cases. She has worked on several cases involving the tobacco industry, including a competitive analysis of the national tobacco settlement, price fixing and merger analysis.  In addition, she has worked on cases involving antitrust analysis in the health care industry, analyzing competition in the electric power and natural gas industries, and on several discrimination cases.  She has analyzed many industries including vitamins, carpeting, high-pressure laminates, hospitals, leather goods, corn seed, automotive lights, electronic programming guides, and baby products, among others. Prior to joining Secretariat Economists, Dr. Holt spent three years as a revenue estimator for the U.S. Congress at the Joint Committee on Taxation. Her work primarily involved the tobacco industry, the pharmaceutical industry and the individual tax code.

Dr. Holt was a lecturer at the University of Virginia in microeconomics. She has also worked as an analyst of the oil industry, primarily providing economic analysis of and price forecasting for the #2 oil market.