Carol Miu

Special Consultant

Carol Miu


S.B. Massachusetts Institute of Technology
M.S. University of Maryland

Carol Miu is a consultant in antitrust, intellectual property, and consumer law. She specializes in survey methodology, experimental design, quantitative modeling, and mergers analysis. Her industry experience includes airlines, casinos, chemical products, energy, information services, livestock, marketing research services, nutritional supplements, pharmaceuticals, retail, software, steel, telecommunications, and transportation.

Ms. Miu was a panelist at the 58th Annual ABA Antitrust Spring Meeting, where she gave a presentation on behavioral economics and consumer protection. She won the 2008 Allen G. Krowe Teaching Award at the University of Maryland, where she taught consumer behavior to undergraduate marketing majors, and received the Liam Glynn/Arizona State University Center for Services Leadership Research Award in 2006. She is a member of the American Marketing Association.