James W. Bono

Senior Vice President


B.A. American University
Ph.D. University of California, Irvine

James W. Bono is an expert on game theory, industrial organization, and econometrics and machine learning. His major practice area is spectrum auctions, where he has provided strategic advice in dozens of high-stakes auctions worldwide. Dr. Bono designs and implements strategies to secure for his clients the best possible portfolios at the lowest prices, providing them a lasting strategic advantage in the marketplace over their competitors.

In addition to his auction work, Dr. Bono has provided critical analysis in high profile antitrust matters and continues to conduct cutting-edge research that applies game theory and artificial intelligence to problems in collective bargaining, aviation policy, and cyber security. He has given invited lectures at top conferences, universities, and private firms. Dr. Bono has also published numerous peer-reviewed articles in journals such as Review of Behavioral Economics, Journal of Artificial Intelligence Research, and Managerial and Decisions Economics and is the author of an open-source Python package for game theory research called PyNFG.

Prior to joining Economists Incorporated, Dr. Bono was an Assistant Professor at American University, where he taught advanced microeconomics for Ph.D. and Master’s students. In his four years at American, Dr. Bono was a Co-Principal Investigator on three successful external grant proposals. He also consulted for NASA on a range of game theoretical projects, including designing auctions for allocating the National Airspace among airlines, managing flight rerouting negotiations, and predicting airline technology adoption decisions.

Dr. Bono earned a Ph.D. degree in economics from the University of California, Irvine and a B.A. in international studies with a mathematics minor from American University.