John Hennigan

Special Consultant

John Hennigan


B.A. Xavier University
Ph.D. West Virginia University

John Hennigan is a former government executive, policymaker, economic analyst, and is now a private economic consultant. In his professional career, Dr. Hennigan has worked in government agencies, for Congress, and in the private sector.

During his professional career, he addressed policy related issues at the former Interstate Commerce Commission (ICC) related to the development of, passage, and implementation of the Staggers Rail Act in 1980, and the Motor Carrier Act of 1980 – laws that together deregulated most of the surface transportation industry. Recently, he has submitted testimony in railroad cases before the US Surface Transportation Board (STB), on railroad revenue adequacy issues in a formal STB rulemaking, and in an individual coal transportation rate case.

Dr. Hennigan has broad knowledge and experience having worked on a progression of aviation and other key transportation policy issues at the US Federal Aviation Administration and the US Department of Transportation, especially in air traffic service modernization and public infrastructure financing. Over his career he has testified on economic matters, helped draft and implement key pieces of transportation legislation, contributed to numerous critical national and global studies of transportation and environmental policy issues, served as an expert to the US Congress on financial matters related to transportation policy, and advised US Department of Transportation decision makers on funding of transportation-related infrastructure projects, including High Speed Rail.