Kevin W. Caves

Vice President


B.A. Haverford College
M.A. University of California at Los Angeles
Ph.D. University of California at Los Angeles

Kevin W. Caves is a Vice President at Economists Incorporated. Dr. Caves has consulted with clients in a variety of industries, including cable, broadcasting, telecommunications, rail freight transporthealthcaremobile wireless operatorsInternet service providers, and pharmaceuticals. His academic and consulting work spans a variety of topics, including antitrustapplied econometrics, damages estimationclass certificationlabor economicsmerger simulationnet neutralitypublic policy analysis, and vertical integration. He has appeared as an economic expert before the Department of Justice and the Federal Communications Commission, and has testified before the Surface Transportation Board.

His work has appeared in various popular and academic outlets, including AntitrustThe Antitrust SourceThe AtlanticBroadcasting & CableThe Capitol ForumCommunications & StrategiesCompetition Policy InternationalEconometricaThe EconomistThe Economists’ VoiceForbesInformation Economics & PolicyJournal of Competition Law & EconomicsLabor Law JournalRegulationResearch in Law & EconomicsReview of Network Economicsand Telecommunications Policy. Dr. Caves also serves on the Editorial Advisory Board of the Journal of Transportation Law, Logistics, & Policy.

Dr. Caves and his co-authors in academia have developed econometric techniques for productivity analysis that  have been integrated into STATA, a leading statistical software package used globally by economists and empirical analysts in a range disciplines. Productivity analysis has a wide range of applications, including the measurement of scale economies in high-fixed-cost industries, quantifying the benefits of investing in new technologies, and various antitrust applications.

Dr. Caves worked for the Federal Reserve Bank of New York before receiving his doctorate from the University of California at Los Angeles in 2005, specializing in applied econometrics and industrial organization. Prior to joining Economists Incorporated, he held positions at Deloitte & Touche, Criterion Economics, Empiris LLC, and Navigant Economics.