Laura A. Malowane

Managing Director


B.A. York University
MBA York University
JD York University
Ph.D. Princeton University

Dr. Malowane specializes in analyzing compensatory, punitive, and defamation damages in complex commercial and personal litigation matters, and in assisting with liability and damages issues in class certification litigation. She has worked on behalf of large organizations, such as the Kennedy Center for the Arts and the United States Capital Police, Fortune 100 corporations, and federal government agencies such as the Department of Justice, the United States Postal Service, and the Federal Bureau of Investigation. Dr. Malowane’s testimony has been admitted in Circuit, District, and Superior Courts, the United States Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit, the United States Senate, the 9/11 Victims Compensation Fund, the International Trade Commission, and the Federal Communications Commission.

Dr. Malowane’s engagements involve:

    • Evaluation of Defamation Damages, including:
      • Assessing lost present and future earnings from being wrongfully labeled as of person of interest by the FBI in an investigation involving anthrax attacks on members of congress and news organizations
      • Assessing loss of future earnings and corporate profits from alleged defamation by national media corporations for a Senatorial candidate and former mining company CEO
    • Economics of Punitive Damages
      • Analysis of punishment and incentive components of punitive damages
      • Assessment of applicability of punitive damages to facts of individual matters
    • Analysis of Lost Profits/Firm Value from Breach of Contract, Theft of Trade Secrets, and Tortious Interference
    • Class Action Certification and Damages Analysis
    • Damages Stemming from Wrongful Termination and Discrimination, including:
      • Testimony of lost retirement benefits, stock options, and bonuses for senior executive of large aerospace and defense company
      • Assessment of loss of career advancement and earnings for former executive at Fannie Mae
    • Assessment of Attorney Fee Market Rates, including:
      • Development of the United States Attorneys’ Office current Attorney Fee Matrix
      • Analysis of availability and statistical soundness of survey data to determine legal fees by geographic region and legal specialty
    • Evaluation of E-Commerce Taxation, including:
      • Submitting study to United States Senate Hearing on behalf of Amazon regarding state taxation impact on e-commerce
    • Damages Stemming from Wrongful Injury and Death, including the evaluation of medical life-care plans and consumption off-sets

    Dr. Malowane is an adjunct lecturer for the University of Toronto’s JD/MA Economics program and has previously served as a lecturer at Princeton University in Microeconomics and Statistics.