Laura A. Malowane



B.A. York University
MBA York University
JD York University
Ph.D. Princeton University

Dr. Malowane specializes in analyzing compensatory, punitive, and defamation damages in complex commercial and personal litigation matters, and in assisting with liability and damage issues in class certification litigation. She has served as a testifying expert at trials and depositions on behalf of Federal and local government agencies, mass media companies, Fortune 100 corporations, national non-profit organizations, and senior executives.

Dr. Malowane has extensive experience in analyzing damages stemming from defamation, employer retaliation, personal injury, wrongful death, and discrimination. Such analyses often include valuing lost business opportunities, bonus structures, employer benefits, retirement pensions, employer stock, and disability payments. Dr. Malowane’s expertise also includes estimating lost profits and loss in business value stemming from allegations of breach of contract, theft of trade secrets, and unfair business practices.

Her work has involved a wide variety of industries, such as mass media, government contractors, entertainment, and product manufacturing. Dr. Malowane has more than 20 years of experience in consulting on the effects of taxation on the e-commerce industry and various sized internet retail firms.

Dr. Malowane is a notable expert in issues related to the awarding of attorneys’ fees, and served as an expert consultant for the Department of Justice in its development of the USAO Matrix. She has testified on behalf of federal and local government agencies as well as individual law firms with respect to attorney rate survey data, and the appropriate geographic and product market for determining attorney fees.

Dr. Malowane is an adjunct lecturer for the University of Toronto’s joint JD/MA (Economics) program, and has previously served as a lecturer at Princeton University in microeconomics and statistics.