Laura A. Malowane

Vice President

Laura A. Malowane


B.A. York University
MBA York University
LL.B. York University
M.A. Princeton University
Ph.D. Princeton University

Dr. Malowane has extensive experience in analyzing compensatory and punitive damages in complex commercial and personal litigation matters. She has submitted expert reports and testified on damages stemming from breach of contract, unfair business practices, defamation, Privacy Act violations, personal injury, wrongful death, discrimination and loss of employment opportunity. She also has extensive experience in analyzing the awarding of attorneys’ fees and the appropriate use of the Laffey Matrix. Dr. Malowane has testified on behalf of the United States government in litigation involving Steven J. Hatfill, a man investigated by the FBI and federal government during the anthrax mailings and poisonings of 2001 and 2002. She has also testified on behalf of numerous firefighters’ families at the World Trade Center Victim Compensation Fund Hearings.

Dr. Malowane also has extensive experience on such antitrust matters as mergers, monopolization, price fixing and vertical restraints. Her work has involved a wide variety of industries including physician and hospital services, pharmaceutical drugs, apparel, mail order and on-line catalogs, casinos, health insurance, snack foods and e-commerce.

Dr. Malowane has worked on behalf of federal and regional government agencies, Fortune 500 corporations, regional companies, national non-profit organizations, and senior executives. She has provided expert testimony at deposition and trial. Prior to her work as a consultant, Dr. Malowane was a lecturer at Princeton University in microeconomics, statistics and finance.