Lona Fowdur

Managing Director


B.A. University of Adelaide (Australia)
M.A. Cornell University
Ph.D. Cornell University

Lona Fowdur has several years of experience as an antitrust economist with expertise in healthcare, energy and other sectors.

Within the healthcare sector, Dr. Fowdur has investigated the competitive effects of horizontal and vertical mergers between hospitals, physician groups, pharmaceutical benefit managers, and health insurance companies. In recent years, she testified on behalf of the merging parties in the Anthem-Cigna trial and was the expert witness in a pharmaceutical case involving allegations of anticompetitive reverse payments and product-hopping. She has provided expert reports to state regulatory agencies, including a report analyzing vertical foreclosure issues in the CVS-Aetna merger. She has also consulted for a state Attorney General’s office on healthcare competition matters.

Within the energy sector, Dr. Fowdur has worked on electric utility mergers, allegations of exercise of market power, investigations of exclusionary practices, market-based rate filings, and other regulatory investigations of the conduct of electric, natural gas and coal companies. For example, Dr. Fowdur has investigated the design of capacity auctions within RTOs, transmission cost allocation issues, allegations of anticompetitive conduct during the California energy crisis, the extent of forward hedging by electric utilities, the outcomes of rate cases of interstate natural gas pipelines, and the impact of coal retirements on market structure. Dr. Fowdur also has training in the computation of cost-of-service ratemaking for interstate natural gas pipelines.

Dr. Fowdur has also written several articles and has spoken on ABA and AHLA panels regarding the economics of healthcare transactions, econometric tools of competition analysis, cross-market provider mergers, and physician practice acquisitions.

Dr. Fowdur has a Ph.D. in Economics from Cornell University and undergraduate degrees in finance and economics from the University of Adelaide in Australia. She is originally from Mauritius and is fluent in French and Hindi.