Richard T. Shin

Special Consultant

Richard T. Shin


B.A. University of California, Berkeley
M.A. University of California, Berkeley
M.A. UC Berkeley
Ph.D. UC Berkeley

Richard Shin received his Ph.D. in economics and an M.A. in economics and statistics from the University of California, Berkeley.  He worked at the Economic Analysis Group of the Antitrust Division, U.S. Department of Justice and in the Bureau of Economics at the U.S. Federal Trade Commission.  While at the antitrust agencies, Dr. Shin worked on numerous antitrust investigations and regulatory matters, often serving as the lead economist.  He has published articles related to this work, including articles that relate to regulation, telecommunications, econometrics, and health economics.

Dr. Shin has applied his theoretical and quantitative skills to the analysis of mergers, abuse of dominance, and price-fixing in various industries.  These industries include, but are not limited to, cereals, stainless steel, biscuits, cable service including direct broadcasting service, traditional telephone service, wireless telephone service, internet backbones, software, consumer food products, industrial products, airlines, and oil refineries.  Dr. Shin has prepared and submitted an expert report to the Federal Trade Commission and expert testimony in a telecommunication case before the U.S. District Court for the District of South Dakota.  He has also submitted expert reports and testified before the Korea Fair Trade Commission on various matters involving competition issues.

Dr. Shin’s research interests span a broad range of subject matters, including applied microeconomic theory, industrial organization, regulation, telecommunication industry, and econometrics. He has a strong background in mathematics and statistics and has examined various aspects of costs of operations, profitability, and risk assessment.  These projects include cost function estimation, examination of large datasets, and complicated calculations and estimation analysis.  In particular, he has examined various expenses associated with pension plans to create benchmarks for evaluating pension plans.