Shreyas Ravi



B.A., Swarthmore College

Shreyas Ravi has nearly a decade of experience as a strategic consultant and expert in network industries. With this expertise he has assisted firms worldwide in executing crucial business and investment decisions.

Mr. Ravi has focused his efforts on assisting firms engaged in high-stakes auction markets. He has provided strategic advice, including as lead or co-lead, in over a dozen high stakes auctions to participating firms. Major recent auctions include the US C-band auction, US Rural Digital Opportunity Fund broadband subsidy auction, and Canada’s 600 MHz auction. In addition, Mr. Ravi has developed software to assist in the simulation of mock auction exercises and to develop and implement auction strategies. In this capacity, Mr. Ravi has assisted some of the largest telecommunication firms worldwide in preparing for and bidding in major LTE and 5G spectrum auctions. He has also worked with government regulators to certify their auction process.

Outside of his auction work, Mr. Ravi has designed custom tools to handle his clients’ specific needs with complex datasets and data management. He has developed simulation tools that allow firms to simulate optimal bilateral agreements based on underlying cost inputs. Furthermore, he has developed network optimization routines that allow firms to structure investment spending on infrastructure to maximize the return on that investment. Mr. Ravi has also supported cases in other areas of expertise, including merger analysis, antitrust, and damage analysis.

Mr. Ravi received his B.A. from Swarthmore College with a major in mathematics and a minor in French