Stuart D. Gurrea


Stuart D. Gurrea


B.A. University of Seville
M.A. Northwestern University
Ph.D. Northwestern University

Dr. Gurrea has served as both a consulting and testifying expert, specializing in industrial organization, financial economics, and econometrics.  Dr. Gurrea has applied his expertise to conducting economic analyses in the context of legal disputes, policy making, and business strategy.

Dr. Gurrea’s work combines theoretical modeling with the application of quantitative techniques to address economic questions, including those that arise in the context of breach of contract, asset valuation, securities fraud, labor market discrimination, antitrust, and intellectual property.  Many of Dr. Gurrea’s assignments relate to identifying and quantifying economic damages on an individual or class-wide basis, and evaluating damages claims in light of the principles of economics and finance.  Dr. Gurrea has addressed economic issues in a variety of industries, including financial services, energy, airlines, telecommunications, and pharmaceuticals.

While attending Northwestern University, Dr. Gurrea worked as an investment research analyst. He also collaborated in numerous research projects involving the construction of data sets and the estimation of econometric models.