William K. Schwartz

Associate Director


B.A. Economics and Mathematics, Northwestern University
Ph.D. Applied Mathematics, Illinois Institute of Technology

William Schwartz, PhD, has over a decade of experience as a business strategy, data science, and economics consultant, including work on strategy in major-asset auctions and software for auction analysis and training. Dr. Schwartz has participated in bid teams for radio spectrum auctions, both in combinatorial clock auctions and simultaneous multi-round auctions, in the UK, Hong Kong, Taiwan, and Canada. In this capacity he has provided round-by-round tactical advice to the bid team and daily strategic advice to clients’ senior management over the course of the auctions. His optimization algorithms powered decision making for major participants in the UK’s 4G Auction, US’s 600 MHz Incentive and 2020 RDOF Auctions, Canada’s 600 MHz Auction, and others. He has designed and built many auction software packages, including winner determination and pricing programs, multiple practice-auction platforms and bid-tracking systems, bid visualization tools, and rest-of-market demand analysis tools. His ongoing research, both academic and for consulting clients, encompasses optimization algorithms for winner and price determination in real-world auction designs, the economics of marginal valuations for discrete goods, the statistics of social and economic networks, and statistical hypothesis testing. Finally, Dr. Schwartz has been a teaching assistant for both introductory and advanced undergraduate mathematics courses, and he has been a speaker at and participant in academic seminars and conferences.