William K. Schwartz

Associate Director


B.A. Economics and Mathematics, Northwestern University
Ph.D. Applied Mathematics, Illinois Institute of Technology

Dr. Schwartz has over a decade of experience as a business strategy, data science, and economics consultant. His work has included quantitative modeling and optimization of economic data and business decisions; advising bidders in major-asset auctions on strategy and building software for auction analysis and training; and case management for testifying experts in commercial and antitrust litigation.

Dr. Schwartz has provided strategic advice to the senior management of some of the biggest telecommunications firms worldwide, and his advice, analysis, and algorithms have powered their auction decision making.

He has designed and built for clients numerous turnkey and custom software solutions, including econometric analyses, auction winner determination and pricing programs, multiple practice-auction platforms and bid-tracking systems, bid visualization tools, data pipelines, and market demand forecasting tools. Additionally, he has overseen and trained teams of data and software engineers and instituted quality-assurance best practices.

Dr. Schwartz’s has extensive experience in both case management and technical analyses for merger reviews and litigation involving class certification, monopolization claims, and damages estimation. These cases have involved a range of industries, including electricity markets, automobile insurance, healthcare, cable set-top boxes, casinos, athletic shoes, oil and gas, hydroponics, clinical experiment design, interstate retail, and pharmaceutical patents.

His ongoing research encompasses algorithm design in statistics and optimization.