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Spring 2007

  • “Bundled Discounts and the Antitrust Modernization Commission Recommendations” by Robert D. Stoner
  • “Fraud in an (Inefficient) Market: Behavioral Finance and Securities Lawsuits” by Sudip X. Gupta
  • “Imports and Geographic Market Definition” by Laura A. Malowane

Winter 2007

  • “The DOJ/FTC Competitor Guidelines and the Analysis of Antitrust Issues in the Insurance Industry” by David D. Smith
  • “The Danger of Misusing Effects-Based Antitrust Analysis” by Robert A. Kneuper
  • “Antitrust Review in China’s New Merger Regulation” by Su Sun

Fall 2006

  • “The Value of the FTC/DOJ’s Commentary on the Horizontal Merger Guidelines to the Antitrust Practitioner” by David D. Smith
  • “An Apparent Lack of Price Competition is not Proof of Conspiracy” by John M. Gale
  • “Reasonable and Non-Discriminatory (RAND) Royalty Rates and Standard-Setting Organizations” by Robert D. Stoner

Summer 2006

  • “Economic Analysis in Urban Real Estate Markets” by Erica E. Greulich
  • “Imperfect Information, Entry, and the Merger Guidelines” by Barry C. Harris
  • “Implications of Price Behavior for Market Power and Market Definition in Delayed Entry Generic Drug Cases” by Peter R. Greenhalgh

Winter 2006

  • “What Can We Learn From the FTC’s Recent Merger Study” by Robert A. Kneuper
  • “Product and Geographic Market Definition in FTC v. Evanston Northwestern” by Barry C. Harris
  • “The Widening Scope of Simulation Analysis” by John M. Gale

Fall 2005

  • “The Economics Underlying the FTC’s Position Against Reverse Payments in Patent Settlement Agreements” by Robert A. Kneuper
  • “Event Studies, Toxic Shock and Non-Compete Provisions” by Jonathan L. Walker
  • “Competition by Physician-Owned Specialty Hospitals” by David A. Argue

Spring 2005

  • “What Pricing Data Should Be Used to Analyze a Merger Between Two Manufacturers?” by Philip B. Nelson
  • “China’s Draft Antimonopoly Law: Problems and Promise” by Bruce M. Owen and Su Sun
  • “Using Simulation and Econometric Models to Estimate the Effects of a Trade Restraint” by Robert D. Stoner and Henry B. McFarland

Winter 2005

  • “Efficiency in IPO Pricing: Online Auctions vs. Traditional Processes” by Nayantara D. Hensel
  • “Portfolio Risk in Financial Suitability Lawsuits” by Jonathan A. Neuberger
  • “Event Study Methodology in Securities Litigation” by Stuart D. Gurrea

Fall 2004

  • “The Oracle Decision and Evidentiary Issues on Substitutability in Merger Cases” by J. Stephen Stockum
  • “The Economics of the DOJ v. DFA Summary Judgment Decisions” by Barry C. Harris
  • “Competition in Proprietary Aftermarkets” by Robert D. Stoner

Summer 2004

  • “Price Discrimination as a Criterion for Identifying Market Power” by Gloria J. Hurdle and Henry B. McFarland
  • “Statistical Evidence and a Daubert Challenge in a Recent Discrimination Case” by Jonathan L. Walker
  • “Analyzing the Long-term Prospects of a Nuclear Power Plant” by Manny A. Macatangay

Special Issue on Intellectual

  • “Price Increases Attributable to Patent Infringement or Entry” by Jonathan L. Walker and Tessie Su
  • “The Economic View of Patents and the FTC’s Recent Patent Report” by Robert D. Stoner
  • “EU Guidelines on Competition and Technology Transfer Agreements” by Stuart D. Gurrea

Winter 2004

  • “Using Simulation Models in Estimating Lost Profits” by John M. Gale
  • “Economic Analysis and Sampling of Populations” by Stuart D. Gurrea
  • “The Many Uses of Critical Loss Analysis” by Barry C. Harris

Fall 2003

  • “Patent Damages: Towards Full Compensation for Lost Profits” by Tessie Su
  • “Coordinated Effects and Merger Policy Enforcement” by Stuart D. Gurrea
  • “Ninth Circuit Expounds on Antitrust Injury” by Jonathan L. Walker

Spring-Summer 2003

  • “Canadian Competition Bureau Clears Brewers’ Restrictive Contracts – For Now” by William C. Myslinski”
  • Challenges for the FTC Hospital Merger Retrospectives” by David A. Argue
  • Selected EI Cases

Winter 2003

  • “Consumer Surplus and the Evaluation of Government Policies” by Philip B. Nelson, Stephen E. Siwek and Su Sun
  • “Lessons from England and Wales on the Design of Electric Power Markets” by Manny A. Macatangay
  • “Evaluating the Impact of Legal Aid on the Poor” by Bruce M. Owens and Jorge E. Portillo

Fall 2002

  • “Evaluating Private Price Indices” by John R. Morris
  • “Continued Role for Managed Care in Hospital Merger Analyses” by David A. Argue
  • “Recent Court Judgments and the Future of European Community Merger Control Policy” by Andrea Lofaro, RBB Economics

Spring-Summer 2002

  • “The Intersection of Antitrust and Intellectual Property Law” by Stuart D. Gurrea
  • “Patent Damages: Lost Profits or Reasonable Royalty?” by Robert B. Petersen and Jonathan A. Neuberger
  • “Reasonable Rates for Telephone Subscriber Listings” by Stephen E. Siwek

Winter 2002

  • “Financial Analyses and Termination of the A-12 Aircraft Contract” by Jonathan A. Neuberger
  • “Market Definition in the SunGard/Comdisco Transaction” by Barry C. Harris
  • “Supply Margin Assessment: FERC’s New Market Power Screen” by John R. Morris
    Selected EI Cases

Special Issue 2001

  • “Valuing Employee Stock Options” by Robert Petersen
  • “Convergence of U.S. and E.U. Merger Enforcement” by Robert D. Stoner
  • “Network Effects and Antitrust in the Computer Industry” by Bruce R. Snapp
  • Selected EI Cases

Supplement Fall 2001

  • “Managing a Reduction-In-Force” by Robert Petersen

Fall 2001

  • “The Deterrence Value of Punitive Damages” by Jonathan L. Walker and Laura A. Malowane
  • “Synergies in Innovation and Mergers” by Tessie Su
  • “Measuring the Competitive Effects of International Airline Code Sharing” by Stuart D. Gurrea
  • Selected EI Cases

Winter 2001

  • “Valuing Employee Stock Options” by Robert Petersen
  • “Analyzing Economic Incentives in a Hospital Privileges Context” by Barry C. Harris
  • “Economic Analysis in Class Certification” by William C. Myslinski
  • Selected EI Cases

Fall 2000

  • “Bid Markets: Factors to Consider When Only Some Firms Are Allowed to Bid” by Philip B. Nelson
  • “The Denver JOA and the Appropriate Standard for ‘Failure'” by James N. Rosse, Joseph W. McAnneny
  • “An Economist’s Perspective on B2Bs” by Margaret E. Guerin-Calvert
  • Selected EI Cases

Spring-Summer 2000

  • “Convergence of U.S. and E.U. Merger Enforcement” by Robert D. Stoner
  • “Antitrust Questions in Open Access to Broadband Cable Networks” by Henry B. McFarland
  • “Jeopardizing a First-Mover Advantage” by Bruce R. Snapp
  • Selected EI Cases

Winter 2000

  • “EPA’s Proposed Expansion of Noncompliance Benefit Estimates” by Kent W Mikkelsen
  • “Economic Bases for Medicare Reimbursement Rates” by Matthew G. Mercurio
  • “In-Network Diversion by Managed Care” by David A. Argue
  • Selected EI Cases

Special Issue on Damages – Rep

  • “When Should Damages by Discounted” by Gale Mosteller
  • “Calculating Damages in a Conspiracy Case” by Matthew G. Mercurio
  • “Using Option Pricing Models to Measure Damages in Trade Allocation Cases” by Jeffry L. Davis

Spring-Summer 1999

  • “Reasonable Interchangeability and the 5 Percent Test” by Joseph W. McAnneny
  • “Competing with District Energy: Market Definition” by Mark W. Frankena
  • “Most Favored Nation Clauses in Health Insurance” by Barry C. Harris
  • “Selected Cases in 1998”

Winter 1999

  • “Real-Time Pricing: Lessons from Trigen v. Oklahoma Gas & Electric” by John R. Morris
  • “The Union Pacific/Southern Pacific Merger: What Can Be Learned?” by Henry B. McFarland
  • “Economic Analysis of FCC Ownership Rules” by Kent W Mikkelsen
  • “Selected Cases in 1998”

Fall 1998

  • “Unilateral Effects and the Closeness of Substitution” by Barry C. Harris and David A. Argue
  • “A Probability Model of the Effects of Digital Must-Carry Rules” by Matthew G. Mercurio
  • “Exporters to the U.S. Apparel Industry: The Significance of Geographic Proximity” by Laura Malowane

Spring 1998

  • “What Standards Apply to Television Market Analysis?” by Joseph W. McAnneny
  • “Damages from the Abandoned Consolidation of Non-Profit Institutions” by Barry C. Harris
  • “The 1997 Efficiency Provisions in the Merger Guidelines” by Bruce R. Snapp

Winter 1998

  • “Fragmentation vs. Consolidation of Securities Trading: Evidence from the Operation of Rule 19c-3” by Jeffry Davis
  • “Calculating Damages in a Conspiracy Case” by Matthew G. Mercurio
  • “Market Power Surveillance in Electric Power Auction Markets” by Mark W. Frankena
  • “Selected EI Cases in 1997”

Fall 1997

  • “Economies of Scope: A Crucial Concept in Merger Analysis” by Philip B. Nelson
  • “Consumer Benefits of Advertising” by John E. Calfee
  • “Competitive Issues in Electric-Gas Mergers” by Mark W. Frankena

Spring-Summer 1997

  • “The Future of Television” by Bruce M. Owen
  • “FERC’S Rejection of the Primergy Merger” by Mark W. Frankena
  • “EPA’S Proposed Air Standard Would Do More Harm than Good” by Susan E. Dudley

Winter 1997

  • “Riding the Radio Merger Wave” by Joseph W. McAnneny
  • “Computer Simulation Models and FERC’S New Merger Criteria” by Mark W. Frankena
  • “Estimating Elasticities of Demand in Differentiated Product Mergers” by Henry B. McFarland
  • “Selected EI Cases in 1996”

Fall 1996

  • “Network Effects and Antitrust in the Computer Industry” by Bruce R. Snapp
  • “Disciplining Price Increases through Lost Sales of Complementary Products” by Robert D. Stoner
  • “Electric Power: Relevant Antitrust Products” by John R. Morris

Spring-Summer 1996

  • “Can a Product Pre-announcement Be a Predatory Act?” by Henry B. McFarland
  • “Excess Capacity and Anticompetitive Agreements” by Robert D. Stoner
  • “The Economics of the Dubuque Hospital Decision” by Barry C. Harris

Spring 1996

  • “Developments in the Competitive Analysis of Mergers Involving Differentiated Products” by Henry B. McFarland
  • “When Should Damages Be Discounted?” by Gale Mosteller
  • “Are There Critical Levels of Concentration in Antitrust?” by Barry C. Harris
  • “Selected EI Cases in 1995”

Fall 1995

  • “Using Option Pricing Models to Measure Damages in Trade Allocation Cases” by Jeffry L. Davis
  • “Electric Back-up Service, Efficient Pricing and Tying Arrangements” by John R. Morris
  • “Access Regulation for Electric Transmission Networks and the Exercise of Market Power” by Mark W. Frankena

Spring-Summer 1995

  • “NASDAQ Market Structure and Collusion Hypotheses” by Dean Furbush, Paul Godek, Margaret Guerin-Calvert
  • “Mergers between Close Competitors of Differentiated Products” by Robert D. Stoner
  • “Competition Policy in the Baltic Countries” by Stephanie M. McAree

Winter 1995

  • “When Should Private Label Goods Be Included in a Product Market” by Robert D. Stoner
  • “A Future for Electricity Futures?” by Susan E. Dudley
  • “Free Trade and Antitrust in Panama” by David D. Smith
  • “Selected EI Cases in 1994”

Fall 1994

  • “Key Economic Issues in Network Merger analysis” by Margaret E. Guerin-Calvert
  • “FTC Regulation of Food Advertising” by John E. Calfee
  • “Discounting Cash Outflows of Environmental Remediation” by Susan E. Dudley

Spring 1994

  • “Vertical Integration and Antitrust in Health Care Markets” by Barry C. Harris
  • “Patterns in Bank Merger Reviews” by Margaret E. Guerin-Calvert
  • “Balancing Efficiencies and Competition in Evaluating Hospital Mergers” by Barry C. Harris and William P. Hall

Winter 1994

  • “Open Access and Market Power in Electric Power Transmission” by Mark W. Frankena and Bruce M. Owen
  • “Regulation of the Auction Market for U.S. Treasury Securities: An Update” by Dean Furbush
  • “Costs and Benefits of Pesticide Ban” by Susan E. Dudley
  • “Selected EI Cases in 1993”

Fall 1993

  • “The Australian Merger Guidelines” by George Hay and Jill Walker
  • “Market Rates for Natural Gas Transportation” by Dan Alger
  • “Rate Regulation Comes to Cable” by Henry B. McFarland
  • “Misunderstanding the Role of Competition in Controlling Healthcare Expenditures” by Barry C. Harris and David A. Argue

Spring 1993

  • “Efficiences in Electric Utility Mergers” by Robert D. Stoner
  • “Regulatory Changes Ahead for the Airline Industry” by Gloria J. Hurdle
  • “An Economist’s Perspective on the Kodak Decision” by Barry C. Harris
  • “Market-based Approach Minimizes Pollution Control Costs” by Robert W. Hahn

Winter 1993

  • “Antitrust Analysis of Defense Industry Mergers” by Philip B. Nelson
  • “Exaggerated Damages in Securities Fraud Litigation” by Dean Furbush
  • “New Competition Policy in Argentina” by Bruce M. Owen
  • “Impact of Energy Policy Act on Electric Utility Merger” by Mark W. Frankena
  • “Selected EI cases in 1992”

Fall 1992

  • “The 1992 Merger Guidelines: The Importance of Factors Other Than Concentration” by Barry C. Harris
  • “No More Blank Checks for Regulators” by Robert W. Hahn
  • “Beyond Deregulation of Natural Gas Sales” by Dan Alger
  • “FERC’S Analysis of Antitrust Issues in Market-based Pricing Applications” by Barry C. Harris

Spring 1992

  • “Foreign Competition and Efficiencies in a Recent Steel Merger” by Joseph W. McAnneny
  • “The Canadian Merger Enforcement Guidelines: Lessons from Recent Litigation” by David D. Smith
  • “Clean Air Futures” by Susan Dudley
  • “Cluster Markets in Antitrust” by Robert D. Stoner

Winter 1992

  • “Hospital Mergers: One Market or Many?” by Barry C. Harris
  • “Coated Groundwood Paper Antidumping Investigation: Pitfalls for Voluntary Respondents at Department of Commerce” by Jess M. Bratton, III
  • “Coated Groundwood Paper Antidumping Investigation: No Injury to U.S. Producers Found by International Trade Commission” by John H. Preston
  • “Selected EI cases in 1991”