Senior Economist Su Sun publishes on China’s antitrust issues.

Dr. Su Sun has published “Inferring Dominance in China’s Draft Antimonopoly Law: Implications to Market Concentration” in the Spring 2007 issue of International Antitrust Bulletin, where he discusses the concentration ratio method used in China’s draft Antimonopoly Law to infer a firm’s dominant position, and finds that the criteria for inferring dominance require the presence of a highly concentrated market as defined using HHI in the U.S. Horizontal Merger Guidelines. Earlier, Dr. Sun published “China’s Antitrust Review on Foreign Acquisition of Domestic Enterprises: An Economic Analysis” in the 2006 No. 2 issue (professional edition) of the Junhe magazine (in Chinese), published by China’s Junhe Law Offices, where he provided an economic analysis of the methods likely used in merger review by the Antimonopoly Office of China’s Ministry of Commerce.