Utility of the Future Rates Group: Reaching a Modernized Grid.

Fall Conference – Phoenix, AZ, November 12-13, 2019 

The energy industry is undergoing a drastic transformation as a result of increasing commitment to decarbonization goals. Economists Incorporated (EI) is working with utilities and regulators towards successfully achieving these goals. In particular, EI’s Utility of the Future Rates Group (UFRG), provides an effective forum for discussing the necessary steps to enable the integration of DERs including solar PV, electric vehicles, demand response and battery storage. The group includes utility professionals in the Rates, Regulatory, and Resource Planning departments from across the US and Canada. Directed by Senior Vice President Amparo Nieto, the UFRG meetings are held twice a year. Rather than working in isolation, the member utilities benefit extraordinarily from meeting with other peers that face similar issues and objectives. The UFRG has the characteristics of a ‘think-tank’ with engaging and interactive discussions and presentations by utility members as well as EI economists in a relaxed atmosphere.

For more information about the group, please visit https://ei.com/utility-future-rates-group If you are interested in attending a meeting you may register on-line at: https://ei.com/utility-future-rates-group-ufrg.