Economists Incorporated is a premier economic consulting firm in the fields of law and economics, public policy, and business strategy.  We offer expert consulting and testifying services in the context of litigation, arbitration, proposed mergers and acquisitions, regulatory hearings, and business planning.  Our clients include legal counsel, businesses, trade associations, government agencies, and multilateral organizations.
News and events

EI Principal Jonathan Neuberger testified on behalf of the government in the AIG shareholder lawsuit (Starr International v. US).  More

EI economists led by Principal Philip Nelson released a new study, RETAILER PAYMENT SYSTEMS: RELATIVE MERITS OF CASH AND PAYMENT CARDS, analyzing the economic costs and benefits of cash relative to payment cards. More

EI Principal Hal J. Singer  released a new study, "Unlocking Patents: Costs of Failure, Benefits of Success," analyzing the economic costs of dormant patents. More

EI Senior Economist Kevin Caves files expert declaration analyzing competition in converged communications markets. More