A Brief Analysis of Policy and Litigation


To our readers, I am excited to share the latest edition of Economists Ink with you.
The first article discusses the recently granted permanent injunction blocking the proposed merger of Penguin Random House (PRH) and Simon & Schuster (SS). The second article discusses a systematic approach to managing and using big data in litigation.

In the first article, Jason Albert discusses the Department of Justice’s (DOJ) monopsony allegation and market definition in the PRH and SS merger case. Dr. Albert notes that DOJ focused on authors as labor, argued that the merger would result in increased monopsony power, and is likely to focus on labor markets in future monopsony cases.

In the second article, Stuart Gurrea and William Schwartz discuss a comprehensive big-data-management plan and how such a plan should incorporate best practices from the data-engineering industry to satisfy auditability and scientific standards. Drs. Gurrea and Schwartz indicate that this framework can achieve accuracy and cost effectiveness without compromising the speed, flexibility, and auditability required for investigations, litigations, and regulatory proceedings.


Dr. Stephanie Mirrow