Clients and Cases

EI’s ultimate clients include entities that engage us indirectly in litigation matters as well as entities that engage us indirectly for other types of assignments. EI’s direct clients in litigation matters include large law firms, boutique law firms, solo practitioners, and government agencies. Outside of litigation, companies frequently hire EI economists to provide strategic advice and monitor business practices. Clients from a wide range of industries retain EI to audit their employment decisions and review compliance with wage and hour laws. Similarly, clients from a wide range of industries not limited to telecommunications, energy, transportation, mass media, health care and financial services retain EI to monitor and advise about regulatory structure and changes in regulatory structure. Economists Incorporated is also active analyzing and advising auction participants (both buyers and sellers) regarding auction design and auction strategy. Trade associations hire EI economists to analyze and quantify the importance of various sectors of the U.S. and foreign economies.