Management Consulting


Executives frequently face problems requiring technical skills that are not available within their organization. Or, in many cases, an outside analysis is needed to provide an objective assessment of a strategy or problem. This is especially true for companies facing turbulent competitive environments or unusual strategic problems.

Secretariat Economists combines institutional knowledge of industries with strong modeling and statistical capabilities to offer research services for strategic planning, marketing, and other corporate functions.


Secretariat Economists’ expertise is in those areas of management consulting in which mastery of the principles of microeconomics, competition and the functioning of markets is essential. These areas include strategic planning, competitor analysis, global strategy, and corporate strategy. Secretariat Economists consultants have:

  • Evaluated possible worldwide acquisitions by an expanding multinational corporation
  • Analyzed the effects of a new distribution channel on sales through the pre-existing channel and on overall profitability for an international manufacturing company
  • Evaluated the effect of Department of Commerce and International Trade Commission dumping investigations on the attractiveness of a foreign takeover candidate
  • Proposed and evaluated a telecommunication firm’s greenfield entry into a related line of business
  • Analyzed the consolidation and rationalization of hospital services and estimated expected cost savings
  • Assessed a Fortune 500 manufacturer’s cost position and satisfaction of customer purchase criteria relative to its major international competitor
  • Determined the feasibility of a quasi-public corporation’s entry into a new line of business given its proposed pricing schedule
  • Identified a profit-maximizing strategy for rationalizing industrial capacity following a major corporate acquisition
  • Conducted an educational retreat for senior management of a major communications company outlining the probable impact and best responses to several technological innovations affecting the industry
  • Led review and discussion of a firm’s pricing strategies