Secretariat Economists professionals are committed to the highest professional standards providing a comprehensive array of consulting services.

Developing Sound Economic Analysis

Secretariat Economists professionals design, test, and implement economic and financial models that contribute to a sound and persuasive presentation of the facts. Drawing from state-of-the-art theories and analytical tools, they identify relevant economic issues and develop insightful analytical frameworks.

Understanding Key Business Issues

Secretariat Economists professionals are well known for their business acumen and ability to understand complex market developments. Rather than apply a “cookie cutter” approach, Secretariat Economists strives to grasp all relevant information about the client’s business and to understand the dynamics of the specific marketplace.

Analyzing Data and Performing Sophisticated Econometric Work

Secretariat Economists has the resources and expertise to gather, reconcile, and analyze complex datasets that are often required to test economic hypotheses. The economists at Secretariat Economists are well versed in current econometric techniques and can deliver the type of sophisticated empirical analysis increasingly used by courts and regulatory agencies.

Providing Substantive Litigation Support

Secretariat Economists can help legal counsel define substantive issues and construct an overall litigation strategy. The economists at Secretariat Economists assist counsel in all phases of the litigation process, from gathering facts and preparing discovery requests to locating expert witnesses and drafting cross-examination questions.

Delivering Expert Testimony

Secretariat Economists professionals have considerable experience in writing expert reports and affidavits. They testify frequently in federal and state courts and before regulatory bodies and congressional committees. Whether an economist at Secretariat Economists, or an outside expert testifies, Secretariat Economists work focuses on making a clear, concise, and convincing presentation of sound economic analysis applied to the facts of the case.

Assessing Damage Claims and Conducting Financial Valuations

Secretariat Economists combines the skills and experience needed to assess competing damage claims or to evaluate the risk exposure of alternative business scenarios. Secretariat Economists professionals are not only proficient in performing discounted cash flow analysis, risk analysis, and similar valuation techniques, but also can apply well informed judgment to situations, like IPOs, where standard valuation methods may not be appropriate.

Making Effective Presentations to Regulatory Agencies

Secretariat Economists has made effective presentations to various regulatory agencies in the U.S. and overseas. Whether the matter is being considered before the U.S. Department of Justice, the U.K.’s Monopolies and Mergers Commission, or Canada’s Competition Bureau, just to name a few, Secretariat Economists professionals have the expertise needed to address the concerns of regulators.

Preparing for Arbitration and Settlement Negotiations

Secretariat Economists has the resources and expertise to conduct the careful planning that precedes any successful negotiation. Secretariat Economists professionals undertake a comprehensive analysis of the client’s options, develops the best negotiation strategies, and provide timely advice on tactical issues.

Advising Senior Management on Competition Matters and Business Strategy

Secretariat Economists professionals work with senior management to anticipate the legal and competitive consequences of alternative business propositions, address their concerns about new legislation, and develop alternative strategic scenarios in non-litigation settings.