EI News and Notes

ABA Book on Market Definition

A number of EI economists contributed to Market Definition in Antitrust: Issues and Case Studies, a book recently published by the American Bar Association Antitrust Section. The book provides a comprehensive analysis of the issues involved in defining markets in antitrust cases. It describes modern methods of market definition and analyzes their application in actual cases. EI Vice President Henry B. McFarland served as the book’s economics editor. EI economists who wrote sections of the book were Principals David A. Argue, Barry C. Harris, John R. Morris, and Matthew B. Wright, Vice-President Gloria J. Hurdle, and Senior Economist Erica E. Greulich.

Intellectual Property Rights in China’s Antitrust Merger Review

EI Senior Economist Su Sun co-authored an article entitled “The Role of IPRs [Intellectual Property Rights] in China’s Antitrust Merger Review,” for the March 2012 issue of International Antitrust Bulletin. The article discusses the statutes, guidelines, jurisdiction, and cases in which IPRs have been taken into account in China’s antitrust merger review. His co-authors were Jing He of ZY Partners in Beijing and Angela Zhang of Herbert Smith in London.

Calculating the Costs of Online Piracy

EI Principal Stephen E. Siwek was interviewed by Kai Ryssdal, host and senior editor of Marketplace, public radio’s program on business and the economy. The interview concerned estimates of the cost of online piracy to the U.S. economy. Mr. Siwek indicated that, while there is unlikely ever to be complete agreement on a specific estimate of these costs, eventually it will be possible to narrow the estimates to a range that is precise enough for policy making. A text of the interview is available at marketplace.org.