Keith Waehrer publishes article on merger litigation in the wireless industry.

In an Antitrust Chronicle article titled “Three Things You Might Not Have Known About Sprint/T-Mobile Merger LitigationDr. Waehrer and his co-author Dr. Nitin Dua describe three lessor known aspects of the Sprint/T-Mobile merger litigation. While a number of issues related to the Sprint/T-Mobile merger have already been dissected in the public discussion, in this article, Drs. Dua and Waehrer highlight three significant issues that haven’t received as much attention. These include, the court’s exclusion of Mobile Virtual Network Operators (MVNOs) as participants in the relevant market, T-Mobile’s estimation of standalone marginal costs and merger efficiencies, and the somewhat odd remedy that required dismantling of a fully operating network and building of a brand new network to replace it.