Allan T. Ingraham

Managing Director


B.A. Colby College
M.A. University of Maryland at College Park
Ph.D. University of Maryland at College Park

Allan T. Ingraham is an expert on auctions, corporate strategy, and econometrics. He has applied this expertise to auctions for radio spectrum and electricity, the detection of bid-rigging and market manipulation, the analysis of various issues of corporate finance, and collective bargaining.

Dr. Ingraham has provided strategic advice to participants in dozens of high stakes auctions worldwide. His auction clients achieve market positions similar to or superior to their primary rivals while typically paying less than those rivals. He has also studied competition and regulation in the markets for both wireline and wireless communications. Dr. Ingraham has testified on issues relating to radio spectrum licensing and auction competition and the accuracy of statistical predictors. He has also developed financial models that have been used for collective bargaining in professional sports.

Dr. Ingraham has written scholarly articles on the detection of bid-rigging, the taxation and regulation of telecommunications services, the determinants of broadband adoption both worldwide and in the United States, and the effects of different auction design components on market outcomes. He has published articles in Contributions to Economic Analysis and Policy, Review of Network Economics, Yale Journal on Regulation, Topics in Economic Analysis and Policy, Telecommunications Policy, Canadian Journal of Law and Technology, and Virginia Tax Review.

Dr. Ingraham earned M.A. and Ph.D. degrees in economics from the University of Maryland, College Park and a B.A., with honors in economics, from Colby College.