Jéssica Dutra



B.A. Université de Strasbourg, France
B.Sc. Ibmec – MG, Brazil
M.A. University of Kansas
Ph.D. University of Kansas

Dr. Dutra works with antitrust and competition over a wide range of industries, including healthcare, natural gas, copyright, and music. She specializes in the application of economic principles and state of the art quantitative methods in the context of litigation and damage calculation.

Dr. Dutra has  taught advanced undergraduate courses in the economics of antitrust, industrial organization, and microeconomics at the University of Kansas. She is continuously engaged in both the academic and practitioner environments, serving on the American Bar Association, delivering presentations at economics conferences, publishing and peer reviewing papers on academic journals.

Dr. Dutra is certainly a global citizen. Having lived in five continents, she received her Ph.D. in Economics with honors, as well as her M.A. in Economics from the University of Kansas, her B.A. in European Management from the Université de Strasbourg in France, and her B.S. in Economics from Ibmec in Brazil. She is native in Portuguese and fluent in English, having also advanced communication skills in French and Spanish.