Jéssica Dutra

Associate Director


B.A. Université de Strasbourg, France
B.Sc. Ibmec – MG, Brazil
M.A. University of Kansas
Ph.D. University of Kansas

At Secretariat Economists, Dr. Dutra works with antitrust and competition. She is interested in energy markets and healthcare industries, as well as in common ownership and multimarket oligopolies. She has worked in merger cases in the oil & gas industry in Brazil, Colombia and Uruguay; as well as with pricing strategies for liquefied petroleum gas in Brazil. She has also taught advanced undergraduate courses in the economics of Antitrust, Industrial Organization, and Microeconomics at the University of Kansas. Dr. Dutra has authored papers and delivered presentations on cost efficiencies, merger analysis, common ownership and health care matters. She has also published her work Antitrust analysis with upward pricing pressure and cost efficiencies in the scholarly journal PLoS One. She has experience with estimation of unilateral effects, merger simulation and applied microeconomics in U.S. hospital industry.

Dr. Dutra received her Ph.D. in Economics from the University of Kansas, a B.A. in European Management from the Université de Strasbourg in France, a B.Sc. in Economics from Ibmec in Brazil, a graduate certificate in Valuation from Saint Paul Business School, and one in M&A and Other Restructuring Activities from INSPER in Brazil. She is fluent in Portuguese and English, and advanced French and Spanish.