Joseph P. Ahn

Senior Economist

Joseph P. Ahn


B.A. Brown University
D.B.A. Harvard Business School

Dr. Ahn has expertise in microeconomics and corporate strategy, with a particular focus upon intellectual property issues. He possesses strong quantitative analysis skills, including extensive experience with modern data science techniques such as multiple linear regression, LASSO, random forest, neural networks, and support vector machines, programming in Python, C++, STATA, etc. His work includes intellectual property valuation, antitrust litigation, damages estimations, analyzing and critiquing proposed regulation, and advising in multi-national tax structure. He has worked directly with multiple Fortune 500 firms in a client-facing capacity, with experience across a wide variety of industries including pharmaceuticals, construction, media and entertainment, financial services, vehicle rental, and SaaS providers.

Prior to joining Economists Incorporated, Dr. Ahn was at Deloitte’s Transfer Pricing unit from 2013-2016, where he served a client-facing role advising on multiple issues, primarily relating to international tax and transfer pricing. Specific projects include multi-billion IP licensing, migration, and valuation, and logistics planning and operations such as supply chain planning and services pricing. In 2015, he received Deloitte’s Applause Award for excellence in performance.

Dr. Ahn received his doctorate in Strategy from Harvard Business School. His research focused upon the dynamics of technology transfer, including intellectual property rights bargaining and trade. His teaching experience includes microeconomics, contract theory, and mathematical methods in economics and econometrics.

Dr. Ahn is fluent in English, Japanese, Korean, and is able to read and converse in Mandarin.